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Flattening JS Modules
February 11, 2017 in technology

My colleagues says that I’m a perfectionist. That’s somewhat true, as I’m always concerned about easy to read and maintainable code. In this post I’ll give some tips on how to write better Javascript modules with a simple rule in mind – No line should be indented more than once, unless really necessary.

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Rails Girls Novo Hamburgo
January 30, 2017 in technology

Dias 10 e 11 de Março acontecerá na Universidade Feevale a segunda edição do Rails Girls NH.

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Contained header images
January 27, 2017 in technology

I have just added header images to blog pages/posts, with a small animation to expand them to it’s full size on hover.

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Adding atom feed January 25, 2017 in technology

Just a small update. Now you can subscribe for this blog posts in the address

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Functional programming with Lodash/FP January 25, 2017 in technology

We have been hearing a lot about functional programming since the past couple of years and even how to use the paradigm in Javascript. For the ones are used to the Lodash library, know that it exports a module to help with functional programming. We’re about to see the main differences.

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Novo blog January 19, 2017 in technology

Finalmente resolvi criar um blog com Jekyll.

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